Who We Are

Frid Enterpises Inc. is a global pioneer in defining new-age organizational strategy. We have spent three decades designing and testing our systems for developing strategies. Our revolutionary methods have been licensed by the Canadian Federal Government, the Canadian Armed Forces, Microsoft, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Deloitte, AT&T, and numerous other Fortune 1000 companies. 

Frid Enterprises Inc. has developed highly specialized methods for deconstructing and analyzing complex system-of-systems. We have also developed our own method of modeling a traceable path forward that integrates Capability Based Planning with Outcomes Management. We believe our methods for understanding, modeling, and communicating organizational strategy provide every organization the best possible means of creating their future while minimizing risk.

Training Courses are provided by our subsidiary company: Canadian Institute of Knowledge Management (CIKM)
Certified in TOGAF 9.1, DNDAF, UPDM, DoDAF, MODAF, NAF, and UAF