Our Team

Dr. Randy Frid

Principal Scientist

As Chief Enterprise Architect, Dr. Frid brings to the team a rich background of Enterprise Architecture (EA), Canadian law, business management, technology engineering and physics.

Dr. Frid is also co-author of the Frid Framework, a living, multi-volume opus that established him as a pioneer in the disciplines of Knowledge Management and Enterprise Architecture.

Dr. Frid is responsible for developing an architected approach to organizational governance and strategy, which added to the growing body of work that eventually became the Unified Architecture Framework, which is now the ISO standard for Enterprise Architecture. Additionally, he developed a methodology for architecting governance to enable senior decision-makers a means of modeling and analyzing proposed strategies. This enable decision-makers the ability to shape organizational strategy and architecture without getting bogged down in the technical details of architecture.

Some seniors might avoid EA because it can be appear overly dry and complex. No one like to time to waste trying to interpret complicated blueprints. The Frid Framework helps abstract the relevant governance and strategy information from within the architecture, presenting the information they need as high-level, integrated models that seniors can use to discuss and communicate top-down drivers, risks, ARAs, and help shape strategic direction.

Colt Frid

Enterprise Architect

Colt Frid has been developing Enterprise Architectures and contributing to the Frid Framework for more than a decade. Colt is certified in TOGAF 9.1 as well as DNDAF, DoDAF, MODAF, UAF and UPDM. He has been working side-by-side with his father on major Government of Canada projects (currently for CANSOFCOM on C4ISR architecture).

Colt majored in Law at Carleton University, and is a co-author of the Frid Framework, a series of doctrinal books focused on Strategy, Governance, Outcomes Management and Capability Based Planning that extend the existing canon of Enterprise Architecture targeting senior decision-makers.