Major Projects


Frid Enterprises Inc. has been commissioned by CANSOFCOM to help enhance their C4ISR systems.
Frid Enterprises Inc. was commissioned by DND/CAF to lead the multi-year development of the Enterprise Architecture on a $2 Billion project for the revitalization of the Supply Chain Management and Logistics systems across all of DND/CAF.

Using Capability Based Planning, the Defence Supply Chain (DSC) was redesigned to leverage transformative processes and technologies that will help redefine the interaction between the DCS and it's users (particularly in Materiel Forecasting and Planning), and help to improve the efficiency, personalization and response to new socio-economic change and risks, while developing the DCS itself into a platform for the digital age.
Frid Enterprises Inc. was initially commissioned by DND/CF to architect their new Operations Command Building. This is architected to be a Tier IV data center - which would make it one of only a few in North America.

After successfully architecting that project, we were then commissioned to help develop the Joint C4ISR future-state architecture, to help DND/CF meet the challenges of the warfare environment of tomorrow.  Utilizing our Frid Framework we were able to breakthrough many complexities that were facing Joint C4ISR. We succeeded in architecting a framework and strategy for the future of Command and Control, as well as a formalized definition of Joint C4ISR capabilities, for the specific purpose of participating in Capability Based Planning.

Building on our previous work, we are now currently commissioned to architect a massive transformation project that is intended to optimize the department's entire supply chain. This project is designed to generate even more strategic alliances on every level, and leverage the significant efficiencies that can be gained by furthering our integration into the growing multi-national security community. 


CFIA commissioned Frid Enterprises Inc. to establish a new Enterprise Architecture Program and implement the Frid Framework for Enterprise Knowledge Management as the core Enterprise Architecture methodology and governance mechanism for CFIA. Initial work was carried out on the Food Safety Action Plan (FSAP) to expand the capabilities of CFIA and integrate disparate systems across the organization to better protect Canadians from harmful food pathogens.


PWGSC commissioned Frid Enterprises Inc. to develop a new Enterprise Architecture Program for IT Shared Services Branch in preparation to become the newly created Shared Services Canada. The program was to enable IT Shared Services to better strategize and align investments into technology for cross-governmental shared services as per the ITSB Shared Service mandate. A Target Architecture Blueprint was created along with supporting governance and processes to enable the transition and align the future direction of the organization.


PWGSC commissioned Frid Enterprises Inc. as Chief Architect for the Common Business Authentication GOL Project, which defined the standards for a common business authentication solution across all government departments. In 2003-2004, CIOB received proposals for a final set of GOL projects, catalytic initiatives with a government-wide scope. Included in the proposals submitted by CRA were a set to address business clients of government, i.e. My Business Account (MyBA), Third Party Privilege Management (TPPM), and Common Business Authentication (CBA). Because of their inherent interconnectivity requirements, Frid Enterprises Inc. architected “Portageur” – a means of allowing businesses to enter business data once and share this data across all participating organizations, significantly reducing the burden on Canadian businesses while streamlining government processes.

Credit Suisse First Boston

CSFB commissioned Frid Enterprises Inc. to architect a global Knowledge Management System capable of managing portfolio information and enabling a collaborative learning environment for all CSFB employees.

Deloitte Touché - High Net-Worth Clients

Deloitte commissioned Frid Enterprises Inc. to architect a global Knowledge Management System to improve the management of portfolio information for Deloitte's High Net-Worth Clientele.

State of Wyoming

The State of Wyoming commissioned Frid Enterprises Inc. to architect Common IT Shared Services architecture for the Wyoming government. During this time, Dr. Frid also acted as the Senior Technology Advisor to the Governor of Wyoming.

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

Pfizer is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Pfizer commissioned Frid Enterprises Inc. to manage the business relationships between 150 branches in 52 countries as the global project coordinator and client liaison and to develop and implement their global transformation strategy to deploy/upgrade 50,000 computers to Microsoft Exchange as a conversion from legacy cc:Mail.